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Descendants Jay Dressup Game

Name: Descendants Jay Dressup
Rating: 83% based on 293 votes
With his long flowing hair, and his zip-covered outfit, the son of Jafar is ready to steal your heart in this game. Jay is Auradon Prep's newest Fighting Knight in Disney's Descendants. Jay is a sneaky, confident, and handsome guy. Jay was raised to believe that he must get everything and to forget others as well. He is vengeful like Mal and he is athletic. As the son of Jafar, Jay wants to gain his father's respect by stealing the big prize. He is not fond with how friendship works. Jay has always charm his way to get what he wants back on the Isle. Like the others, Jay was never shown affection by his parent so, when he tries out for the tourney team and makes it, he gets a chance to see what is it like to be a part of something as special. He is shown to have kleptomaniac tendencies, as he often steals objects on the fly.

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